Friday, December 16, 2005

The hermenutic of the gospel in (in)action

Just had a depressing conversation with a fragile Christian (I think that is a fair description). He has had some bad experiences since he became a Christian of insincerity in the Church and lack of love. Basically he doesn't want to attend formal Christian meetings because he doesn't want to be like these people. In contrast he sees very moral people elsewhere.

I was surprisingly upset. I still haven't really come to terms with the way that the Church is made up of sinners, and yet are also meant to be the re-born new creation of God. Indeed 'we know that we have passed out of death into life, because we love the brothers. Whoever does not love abides in death' (1 John 3:14). How can we fail so miserably time after time? I know I have done the same, if not to this person then countless times to others. I have said the right thing but not follwed through with love. We ARE meant to be discerningly different though, the fact it 'happens' is no excuse. I know you cannot live a life that will convince everyone, some people even accused Jesus of having a demon(!), but we are not just failing to jump through our self-imposed hoops, we are causing others to fall (cf. Rom 14)! You can read about the importance of real love to our mission, and give it fancy names but it happens in reality and there are consequences.

Judge not lest you be judged (in softer terms) was some of my stumbling answer, for compared to God all fall short. But that is not a complete answer; as I have already said, Christian's are different according to the bible, and I just do not know how to hold the old and new reality together.

I know wiser heads than mine read this blog, advise would be much appreciated (I may make a phone call as well).

PS coming home I was thinking about why I go to church. We always feed new Christian's the line that it is good for you (along with Bible reading and prayer), however I think this can lead people with an expectation of 'getting something out' of chuch, and judge it a failed product if the result is not satisfactory. In slight contrast I came to the conclusion that I go to church (meet with Christians) to serve others, and to be reminded and encouraged that I am not alone in my struggles and joys, in the world and in myself. My conclusions are I think a lot more relational than that 'it helps you grow and be encouraged' although there is not that much difference and the latter is 100% true.... Just thinking out loud...funny I was thinking this week that I must change how I post so it is less like that.

PPS not everyone's experiences are the same I suppose, I have much to be thankful in my early years of following Christ.


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