Thursday, December 08, 2005

Irregular ordinations

English readers of this blog may have read recently about the controversial 'irregular ordinations' in the Diocese of Southwark. Many big-name conservative-evangelicals, and one little known one whom I know, all of whom I profoundly respect, have signed up in support. Still the majority of evangelicals are supporting the revoking of the license of the instigater, Richard Coekin. I am really sad about both actions. I think Richard Coekin and co. live in a very bubble-like community of Christians who share their theology which acts with a party spirit with little self-critism, when dealing with the CofE. In this bubble I think it is easy to slip into a view of seeing everyone outside as against them, and irrelavent. But we are all share the same Lord! We are still one body, one church, by God's grace not because of any self-exalting boundary-markers.

On the other hand I am deeply sympathetic with why Richard Coekin thought he needed to go down this course of action. Although I do suspect that a little more conversation would have helped, I have heard from people I know that it can be difficult for a conservative evangelical to get ordained in the CofE. I think the bishop's actions reveal a greater concern with the institution of the CofE than the unity of the body of Christ which is not contained within the former.

There is of course no reason why you should agree with my opinions, I have offered no real arguements. I suppose I wanted to let off steam rather than inform. You would probably be better to try reading Fulcrum's view for a centerist-evangelical view, or read Richard Coekin's own view in the Church of England Newspaper.


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