Saturday, December 03, 2005

Conversations on unity

This post is inspired by my previous in two different ways.

  1. Interesting that the same point should be made by two Christians passionately concerned with reaching the world with the gospel but are from very different wings or sections of the church [if this does not spike any interest with you, then as we shall see: 'good on you!'].
  2. The encouragement of both of those Christians in glory that the church should be united!

A few days back I was talking to my South-African-ex-Vineyard-pastor-friend about if there was any examples of some of the insights of the New Perspective being taught in the churches. The main two groupings we came up with (focused unsurprisingly on NT Wright) were many within the emerging church, and many within the federal vision [asking 'what?' try this, or this]. I dislike bandying about labels, but I shall not linger. I made some comment how it was striking that Wright at least, was being read by what from my distant view-point are such very different groups of Christians (one containing advocates of a literal 6 day creation, the other containing some having trouble with substitutionary atonement). My friend pulled me up: 'You are working with quite a fragmented view of the church. Why should we be surprised that Christians are reading the same books?'.

He is quite right. My surprise was a result of a failure to see the church how God does, and to keep in mind that, when it comes down to it, there are only two ways to live.

PS I wonder in the light of the above about this book:

FRAGMENTED FAITH?: Exposing the fault-lines in the Church of England


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