Saturday, December 10, 2005


Carol Service

I am going to this. Please pray those I have invited (i) come (ii) hear what is being said as 'news' not religion (iii) receive it with joy (iv) and that it all is subject to the will of God, and a desire for his glory.


I should never have written that I pray my friends 'hear what is being said as 'news' not religion' - I don't like using the word religion in such a negative way. What I meant by 'religion' is religion as our culture views it. Newbigin would have said 'pray that they hear what is being said as public truth, not private truth', and that's better.


At 7:06 pm, Blogger Ant said...

how did it go?
What was Franklin Graham like?

At 11:59 pm, Blogger Dave K said...

Thanks for your question Ant you prompt me into action.

I have delayed posting at all over most of the last week because of a number of things, but partly because sadly anything related to me and the event went badly and anytime I thought about posting I thought I would have to deal with your question and it didn't appeal.

My friends/collegues all backed out at the last moment (which was actually quite surprising as they seemed very keen). On top of that, getting there on the day was a nightmare so I arrived later than I intended. It was very very busy and the Minster was full half an hour before it all kicked off. Also I had failed to organise meeting anyone I knew from church. Anyway despite getting into York, I didn't actually get to listen to Franklin Graham, which I was quite sad about. By all accounts he was good. Various reported comments include:

'unstructured, lots of repeating, but he clearly has an annointing.'

'Much like his father'


and: 'I don't come to church to be preached at'!!

St Mike's is a funny church. Last year just following all the recent controversy they had Rowan Williams, who to my surprise was not bad if a bit theological and not very convicting/enthusing.

At 7:23 pm, Blogger Ant said...

At times like this we have to be thankful God is ultimately in charge of reaching lost people, not us. Otherwise we can feel like failures.
is St. Mike's your church?

At 12:30 am, Blogger Dave K said...

Yup, all down to God, and he can be trusted to work for our good. Good to be reminded of that.

Is St Mike's your church?

I suppose so. The cell group I am part of is a St Mike's cell, I volunteer 3 hours a week in their office (hard to fit much else round my stupid hours). Sunday's though I usually only go there if transport is a problem. Otherwise I go to York Evangelical Church.

I am not happy with my current situation in so many different ways. I feel a bit consumer-like on Sunday's, largely because St Mike's is a big church and I have never really settled into YEC.

You ask a difficult question that makes me very uncomfortable... There are no easy answers.


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