Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Forthcoming commentaries

Jeremy the Parableman has done some stirling work collating all the information he can find on who is writing what commentary, for what series at the moment, in a post on forthcoming commentaries. There are probably a few errors but he deserves a medal anyway because there is a huge amount of information here.

The hat tip for pointing the post out to me must go to EWZ at Foolish Blog who like me is most looking forward to O'Brien on Hebrews and also seems to be a bit concerned about Don Carson's work load. I am slightly less worried about Don though, after all he has been saying he has a commentary on John's letters for years (e.g. in the Difficult Doctrine of the Love of God) and by the sound of his comment on it during his recent lectures on the New Perspective he has barely even begun thinking about writing one on Galatians. On top of all that he has always been prolific, despite his hectic lecture schedule, and has not written much lately probably because he is tied up doing all these commentaries.

Other commentaries I am looking forward to are Mark Seifrid on 2 Corinthians, Richard Bauckham on John, John Goldingay on Isaiah 40-55, Darrell Bock on Acts and Scot McKnight on James. However that selection is more a reflection on my love of big name scholars which is part of what drives the overproduction of commentaries and reduces their usefulness. Nowadays (oh yes I'm old really) the number of commentaries seems to rise even faster than the number of translations. Oh for some more interesting monographs instead!


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