Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Random pickings

Just some random things I would like the world to notice, but not to get too excited about. Although Mike's post is IMHO a 'must read' for bloggers.

  • Mike, from Eternal Perspectives, is a recovering blogoholic and needs to be heard. If only there were more bloggers like him
  • When I heard about the launch of a new e-zine called reformation 21 from the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals I hoped for better things than their first issue, which is on the New Perspective on Paul.
  • Miscreant has two posts (here and here) interacting with the above e-zine which in his view is dedicated to 'the New Paronoia on Paul'. They are not as constructive as they could be but they are worth a read. Especially as, unlike me, he seems to be able to post less than 300 words at once.
  • Justin Taylor has spoted some of the new e-zine's better bits though.
  • If anyone is still not reading Scot McKnight's blog they should start now.
  • Thanks must go to Steve McCoy for his help in collating Tim Keller's online articles. If you do not know who Tim Keller is, it is no big deal but he is worth some reading time. (HT JT)
  • And finally, after reading a review like Buddy Boone's review of Inspiration And Incarnation: Evangelicals And The Problem Of The Old Testament by Peter Enns. How are you meant to try to reduce your spending on books? - I must resist, for now.


At 1:44 pm, Blogger Alastair said...

I recently read Enns and have mixed feelings. Much of what he has to say is very good. Some parts could be a lot better.


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