Thursday, July 07, 2005

Wright in the firing line again

All this NPP debate is tiring me out. Phillip Johnson is in England at the moment and has lectured on Tom Wright's theology and its supposed consequences (HT: Adrian Warnock). Sadly though, despite the fact that my theology is closer to Phillip Johnson's than Tom Wright's, I found myself screaming inside at the misunderstanding upon misunderstanding of Wright's theology. I would love to go through his lecture, inserting 'yes...but' at a thousand different points, but even though I am on holiday at the moment I do not have the hours it would take. All I can plead is that anyone interested to hear a conservative assessment of the NPP should try, the imperfect, but still very good lectures of Don Carson.

I have however previously posted some preliminary thoughts on his closing point about connections to Steve Chalke and penal substitution.


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