Thursday, August 04, 2005

The preaching of Ian Stackhouse

Ian Stackhouse's preaching both encourages and rebukes, and I benefit from listening to it (you can find much of it here). I have been listening to what he says on Galatians and Jeremiah recently, and it has been particularly good to hear him preaching in a way faithful to so much of what I think is in Galatians. I only wish I could communicate the same things as well.

Most of you will not know who he is, but he is the pastor of Guildford Baptist Church, England. He is a charismatic who defies all the stereotypes. He seems to read incredibly widely and has written a book called The Gospel-driven Church. He will probably never become really well known though (a bit like one of my other favourite preachers, Mike Cain in Bristol). But more important than all the above is that he has passion for the Gospel and desires to see people grow in Christ-likeness.


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