Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Carl Trueman on Psalms

Off the top of my head, in frustration that Reformation 21 doesn't do comments.

Carl Trueman over at the Reformation 21 blog is arguing for the superiority of Psalms over hymns and other songs. My first response is surprise that there are evangelicals that even do that anymore. My second was that he makes some sound points and I am liable to agree. However there is a big 'but', and that is because of the fact that on the face of it there is nothing of Christ in these songs of Israel. I do know that there is really plenty in every one, but I wonder how useful it would be for the most of a congregation without a preceding course in how to do Biblical Theology like the apostles!

Ooo and another 'but' would be that we should be encouraging people to exercise their God given creative gifts to his glory here and now. And a third 'but' would be that I think that the church should not shy away from contextualization of the gospel, even in its singing (although I do not think that happens consciously at the moment anyway).


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