Thursday, June 02, 2005

Me and my blogging

I thought I would just get down a few quick thoughts on my short relationship with blogs and blogging.

  1. My first thought is that I love reading so many stimulating thoughts from such a diverse group of people as I do since I have started reading blogs regularly (just a couple of months ago). It is far more personal than I thought, and yet less than I thought as well. The level of interaction, and of details about the most boring personal details of bloggers lives is not as high as I thought it would be in the group of blogs I read. On the other hand, it reminds me of university listening to different peoples thoughts, not all of which are significant, but most of which are interesting.
  2. My second thought is that I love blogging. Since I started reading other blogs I have 'got' what blogging is, when previously my attempts were boring and not much fun to write. Short posts on little thoughts which are not all together in my mind are the order of the day.
  3. My third thought is that if anyone started reading this blog I would enjoy it much less. The responsibility of being an influence on others on many important matters would make me feel like I would need to post polished thoughts that would be a burden to produce. In addition I would feel like I needed to blog regularly. Having said that, much of the reason it is fun is because I think someone may one day read it, a feeling that comes largely from the act of reading others blogs, especially those with the same design template.

Well there we go - not very profound and not very polished.


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