Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Oh to have time to post

I've not been posting much recently. I really would like to but never seem to have the energy at the same time as I have the time (I have both but they never coincide). I'd like to post on Jesus' baptism (because it is one of the most amazing things, and it is only relatively recently that I have understood what an amazing demonstration of God's love, and our hope it is). I'd also like to post on UCCF, the Anglican Communion, and church unity (all at once, prompted by an Anglican friend and the UCCF annual report). I hope to get round to posting on the suffering of the NT church and how that effects our application of the NT (because I find it hard). I’d love to post on how I have learnt from experience that the New Perspective, properly utilised, has plenty of cash-value for application to 21st century Christian lives. I’ll properly never get round to any of them, but there it stands as a record.


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