Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Sinclair Ferguson on the NPP

If you would like to listen to a introductory audio lecture on the New Perspective on Paul from a conservative position I may suggest you try one Sinclair Ferguson recently delivered for the North Texas Presbytery. Although I could make a few criticisms about his understanding of it (others could probably make dozens), he does an exceptional job at presenting its core attractions (which when you are at introductory level is most important). Also he is discerning enough to see that those attractions are largely a result of a poor understanding of the Old Perspective promulgated by many Christians. Sadly I do not know of any single lectures that describe the NPP from within. Maybe they know better than to describe such a diverse phenomena in one lecture.

In addition he rightly calls both sides to remember that the fact that 'Christ died for our sins...' should held to be of first importance.

(HT to Scott on the Wrightsaid email list)


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